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Printable Booklet Format – 14 Stations of the Cross

Printable Booklet Format - 14 Stations of the Cross

As far back as the year 2007 (as far back as my memory serves me of course), my friends and I have been observing Visita Iglesia, which traditionally is done during Holy Week, on Maundy Thursday.  It is a Roman Catholic tradition where you visit seven churches. The number seven has deep significance in theContinue Reading

Regine Velasquez’s Fans Outvoted Sarah Geronimo’s Fans on Let It Go Videos

Regine Velasquez's Fans Outvoted Sarah Geronimo's Fans on Let It Go Videos

The POLL that I started was simply for fun.  I was kind of amused at the exchange between Popsters and RegineV fans over the Sarah Geronimo video cover of Frozen’s theme song – “Let it Go”. I admire the dedication of both their fans as they support their own idols. But the POLL has shownContinue Reading

#worldstoughestjob I’m sure you know what it is. (VIDEO)

#worldstoughestjob I'm sure you know what it is. (VIDEO)

If you were offered the world’s toughest job, would you take it? Many times, people take on the job without knowing it and if you think about it really hard, you owe someone for doing the job that no one would want. Do you know what it is? WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:



Vhong Navarro has a very good reason to celebrate.   The Department of Justice seved well by junking the rape case filed by Deniece Cornejo.   According to the DOJ, that it was impossible that Vhong Navarro raped Denise Cornejo.  Her testimony was unbelievable.  Her actions were not coinciding with the actions of someone whoContinue Reading

Sarah G and Matteo Guidicelli – - Secret Lovers?

Sarah G and Matteo Guidicelli - - Secret Lovers?

Isn’t Sarah Geronimo already of age to start dating?  It seems like she’s had so many suitable bachelors who’s had the chance to court her only to give up in the end due to reasons that baffle many.  The reason usually lies on the strictness of her parents and their disapproval of her suitors.  Continue Reading

Humored or Shocked? #Kristek Kris Aquino dating Herbert Bautista?

Humored or Shocked?  #Kristek  Kris Aquino dating Herbert Bautista?

Is it a publicity stunt? Does Kris Aquino intend to humor you or to divert the attention of her fans from her current battle with James Yap? After being rumored for weeks, Kris Aquino early this week finally confirmed dating Herbert Bautista, birthing a “love team” dubbed by netizens who were surprised by the announcementContinue Reading

Let It Go – Regine Velasquez “Asia’s Songbird” vs. Sarah Geronimo “Pop Princess” (POLL)

Let It Go - Regine Velasquez "Asia's Songbird"  vs.  Sarah Geronimo  "Pop Princess" (POLL)

The  comments section on Sarah G.’s Let It Go Cover Video has exploded between the fans of Regine Velasquez (Asia’s Songbird) and Ms. Sarah G. herself.  Each camp is claiming that their idols is better but who really did it better? You be the judge.  Let’s take a poll. Before you vote, watch Regine Velasquez’sContinue Reading



  I guess it’s time for that post.  The personal post that I have always promised all of you but never really took to heart.  Let me get back into it now.  No more bull shit. It’s time to get real. I have recently passed the one year mark since I quit smoking.  I quitContinue Reading

Sarah Geronimo’s Rendition of Frozen’s “Let It Go” (VIDEO)

Sarah Geronimo's Rendition of Frozen's "Let It  Go" (VIDEO)

Ms. Sarah Geronimo is known for her big voice and big persona when it comes to singing Michael Jackson or other soulful songs but did anyone every think that her version of Frozen’s “Let it Go” video would receive such attention that it would surpass one million view mark in only two days? She sangContinue Reading

#RHLaw dominated Twitter today.

#RHLaw dominated Twitter today.

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