Come on in, put your feet up, and relax.

I’ve had it!! I finally succumbed to the pressure of creating my blog. I used to enjoy creating webpages when you still had to write them using HTML codes. Wasn’t that a crack?! Then Frontpage arrived – I used that too! But we all get busy, and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed creating those sites.Now, we are into the blogging era. I have heard so much about it yet too afraid to put in more time to something that I cannot promise I have any to spare.

All credit go to Reyna Elena (, Bryan Boy ( and Coconuter ( These individuals have inspired me to add more things to do, to my already scarce resource of time. I have enjoyed their blogs as much as I would like you to enjoy mine, so I have taken the plunge. Just like them, I am of Filipino descent.

I thought about the theme or subject of my blog, but everything that came to mind was already in existence. Her Majesty herself, Reyna Elena, has advised me that things will evolve in time.

My existence, though minute, should – in time – show that I do have things to say. The blog posts will be random. Whatever it is that I feel like talking about, you will have the chance to share. I invite you to join me on this journey and share with me.

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