Let’s talk money for a little bit…Making Money – Blogging 101

I was reading this article after I joined Blogflux. I became a bit excited to find out that there are lots of bloggers out there today that makes the most of blogging by using their blogs to earn an income. I was a bit skeptical at first not knowing what to expect. But I’ve heard about this Google adsense income a long time ago from my co-worker who started augustfather.com. The site is no longer in existence today but during that time, he was giving me all the ins and outs in getting a blog started and having Google adsense work for him!

His plan was to start one blog and use adsense and affiliate sales to earn income. From there, he planned to create more blogs about different topics using publications that are in the public domain such as newspapers and books already written by known authors (with a caveat of course, by giving credit to the source) and publish them on his blog. August Father was born of his passion being a first-time dad. There were no manuals, or warranty that came when his son was born. He had to learn how to discipline his child and yet instill in him that discipline is for his own good, and found a way not to take away his child’s respect and love for him. This became his inspiration to start a blog for other first-time dads out there. He did have quite a few subscribers to his blog!

Whether it worked or it didn’t work, I didn’t have the chance to find out. He has since left our company and as I understand, works from home today. So, it must have worked and I was inspired!

The next credit goes to Reyna Elena and Bryan Boy for inspiring me to start my own blog. I knew how to create a website, and from the early days – and I knew it was very time-consuming. I figured, I barely have enough time now – how can I have time to write a blog after blog after blog! But I tell you, with Reyna’s coaching, it has been very easy! You just have to read a lot of instructions, a lot of patience and a little common sense and you will be on your way!

And since I started my blog a few weeks ago, my adsense might as well have been called adcents because I had nothing there but .41 cents. But today, the ‘clicker-elves’ must be hard at work! 😉 I earned six whopping dollars in one day. Just imagine six dollars per blog. If I had 10 blogs, it would have earned me sixty dollars! How about 20 blogs? Hmm it could be very profitable but — yes, the proverbial ‘BUT’~! But, who can manage 20 blogs? Or 10 blogs? Come on!

So, I stumbled upon this site that gives you lessons on how to make the most from your blog! There are tons of useful ideas such as Azoogleads, Vibrant Media IntelliTXT, Direct Buys, Linkshare and lots lots more that you can use to optimize income on your blog! You just have to be patient.

When Reyna told me that with the influx of 20,000 visits from nurses all over the globe, during the exam results release made her five dollars – I was a bit disappointed. That amount of volume should have generated hermore than just five bucks. However, recently, I’m sure she’s reported to be making a few bucks more. Thanks to the loyal visits of fans and friends of Reyna.

Okay. I know you’ve been waiting for my source. I am speaking about John Chow. He is one of the people who make a good income from blogging. He will teach you how Affiliate sales work, how to use IntelliTXT, and all the ins & outs of making money out of your blog. He gets approximately 200,000 views per month. He has a lot of direct sales (ads on his site from Dell to Canon to Sony etc.) but a lot of affiliate sales as well.

For example, he says that an affiliate sale is one that is CPA-based (cost per action – no sign up or purchase from advertiser, no money to blogger) and a lot of bloggers shy away from them. But according to John, if done right, affiliate sales could outdo his adsense income. Lots and lots more to read from his site. So if you are interested, you may visit his blog at Making Money From A Blog.

Don’t hesitate to start your own blog now before the wave is gone. Set your goal and try to achieve it. Once achieved, outdo it! More power to bloggers out there. There is money to be made after all! With this posting, I hope to change my template to another one which is more concentrated on ads and affiliates. It may take me some time before I can make everything work, but hey – – $6.43 whopping dollars is my inspiration. THE KEYWORD IS ‘OPTIMIZE’!!


P.S. – Come back on Saturday for the Video Release of our friend ‘Gianna’. Performing ‘Jennifer Hudson’s – And I Am Telling You at 12th Air Command in Philadelphia. It will be a hoot!

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