Blogging one oh two! Let’s talk about money some more…


It was February 6th when I noticed a big jump on my adcents. That was the time I posted Blogging 101 – Making Money on your Blog. Thanks to all the visitors out there who aren’t tired of me yet. I try to keep the blog posts -fresh, and content – interesting to say the least.

Well, it has only been five days since I posted my ‘shocking adcents’ discovery. Guess what?! I am here to inspire you. We are not talking millions here guys. We are not even talking thousands. Well, maybe hundreds. But, I am telling you – there is money to be made in blogging.

As of today, from the new visitors and faithful out there who visits this blog regularly – – I would say, the earnings have jumped from a total of $6.43 on 2/6 to a whopping total of $28.33 today 2/11!!!!!!!!!! That is over 400 percent increase in total during the last five days!

Now, just imagine the possibilities. Just say that the viewership increases by 30 percent. You do the math!

Now people, it’s time to get excited… The time to get started is now.



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