I sooo agree with this post from Yugatech.com – – Are you a Netrepreneur?

This was inspired by Ben Yoskovitz of StartupSpark. Here are my top 10 checklist to see if you’re a netrepreneur.

  • You own a blog and a domain (not on BlogSpot or WordPress.com). Though free is good, nothing beats a good impression that you are willing to invest in your own virtual/online image.  (CHUVA – check!)
  • Your first online credit card purchase was your own domain and you now have close to half a dozen other domains. You also have a backup credit card, just in case the other one exceeds its limit.  (CHUVA – half-check!)
  • You have at least two of these accounts — Paypal, Xoom, StormPay, Ikobo and eGold. (CHUVA – check!)
  • You’re not concerned to publish your complete name, address, phone number and email on your website as you know transparency is everything online. (CHUVA – check!)
  • You consult Google and read forums first before shooting an email to a friend asking for help. Yes, Google is your best friend.  (CHUVA – check!)
  • You have more than one blog/websites, and they’re more or less niche blogs/sites. And you don’t go crazy with Blogger (see #1).  (CHUVA – double double check!)
  • You know that there is more to online business other than the advertising model.  (CHUVA – check!)
  • You have more connections in LinkedIn than in Friendster. (CHUVA – no check!)
  • You’ve maxed out your Yahoo Messenger’s 300 contact list limit. (CHUVA – no check!)
  • You’re not ashamed to tell your first client that your laptop IS your office.  (CHUVA – no check!)

If you scored at least 7 out of 10, you *might* be on your way to become a netrepreneur.

Don’t take this too seriously. Just for fun. ;)

Courtesy of : yugatech.com


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