More ways to earn money while blogging… MONETIZE!

I have recently been searching the web to find out how I can monetize my site effectively.  There are lots and lots of information available on the net but what is the best route?  I questioned a lot of them but in all honesty, what could I lose if I try all of them?  I have a total of six blogs and it would be a waste of time and effort if I couldn’t at least break even on the monthly hosting fees that I pay Bluehost, don’t you think?  So I thought of the possible ways I could reoup my expenses and here’s what I came up with:

  1. Host with – This was the best way for me to go.  I had a store (Rainbowreels) where I sell niche DVD’s and other things.  This is what got me started hosting with bluehost.  The Store is free of charge and you can configure it to your heart’s content.  A little or no knowledge of PHP is of no concern since they give you very explicit instructions.
  2. Open a store using Zen Cart (  The store is customizable although you may have to pay extra to purchase templates should you not like the default design.
  3. Hosting will provides up to six domains available for your use (included in the $6.95) fee you pay every month.  You may have to pay for the registration of the extra domains but you don’t really have to if your main goal is to just create blogs and don’t mind the long URL address your readers will have to type to get to your site.  I just prefer the former rather than the latter because it’s nicer and easier to remember for my readers.   I say, utilize all of them.   Use it up and wear it out!  It will work to your advantage.
    • WordPress is included in the installation menu and by far, WordPress is the best and easiest to use medium for blogging in my opinion.
      • If you’re a newbie, and wouldn’t want to pay for hosting right away, you may also opt for however, you will not be able put ads in it so I would suggest to go with Google’s Blogger.  It is free and will allow you to put Google’s adsense in a very easy to use template and widget-configured process.
  4. Publish your blogs and website using the following media advertising vehicles:
    • Google Adsense – I must say that this is the most effective and most rewarding but you MUST FOLLOW THE RULES.  They are quick to let go of anyone who is suspected of cheating by invalidly clicking the ads or invalid impressions.
    • – Works similarly like Adsense and is probably a great alternative.  However, you may not post adbrite and adsense ads together.  They will conflict with each other, and besides – Google frowns on that anyway.
    • – Another way that works similarly as Google adsense.  You can choose from text link ads or image ads.  Here’s an excellent review of this company.
    • – This is a prime ad feature where the words in your posting will be underlined and connected to advertisers.  There is an approval process and you must have at least 500K in pageviews every month to be approved.  Although this ad medium is used by professional bloggers.  Once you get your readership to this level, you may want to apply.
    • – This is very similar to adsense and Intellitxt.  You can choose which way you want to go – text ads, image ads, or word underline advertising.  Each one is perfect for use.  There is an approval system as well but the pageviews required is by far much less than what is required by IntelliTXT.
    • – This is an affiliate marketing medium where you post their attractive ads using codes into your blog or website.  The only thing here is that earnings are made once people purchase something from the advertisers.   It is still a viable option and makes your site looks professional if placed properly on your site.
  5. Join all the blog groups you can possibly join, such as MyBlogLog, Blogorama, etc.  This adds volume to your viewership and always be courteous to respond to your commentors.  They visit your site probably for the same purpose, so that you will visit theirs.

There are other ways to make money online.  The rule of thumb as always is not to put all your eggs (ADS) in one basket.  Make ads work for you.   You may also visit OFWCenter  for more tips and tricks, including glossary of terms about blogging.

I guess this is it for now.  I will continue to post about monetization as I learn about them.  Happy blogging and let us all make money online!!

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