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Wow, it is amazing how many people search for the name Lino Cayetano on Google and Yahoo! I recently created a post for KC Concepcion (cause I love her!) and all of a sudden, traffic went up on my blog. In looking at the stats, they were searching for KC Concepcion and Lino Cayetano. Hmmm… you gossip mongers!! 😀

So anyway, I was intrigued by who this Lino Cayetano guy is? So I searched the net – – here’s what I found.

  • He’s a member of the elite family in the Philippines
  • A film director
  • Went to NYU for FILM
  • Son of a Senator
  • Bianca Gonzalez’s Ex
  • Currently linked to KC Concepcion

That’s as far as I got. So I checked Google Images – – what does he look like?

Tita Shawie seems to approve of Lino’s interest on her daughter KC since Lino presents himself like a gentleman at the Pangilinan household. CHUVA CHIENES!!

Here are some – not-so-good pics of Lino (from the internet):





Whoever is spreading the ‘chizmax’ about an alleged ‘affair’ between KC and Lino —


according to Tita Shawie – -GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.


It was nothing but a day’s meeting in Hong Kong before KC flew to Paris the next day.


A surprise visit yes, but definitely NOT an affair.


From: Tita Shawi on The BUZZ


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