Kris Aquino and James – – I know it’s late..but…

I don’t know what to think about Kris Aquino – -really. She absolutely has her charms and she obviously has the power to attract people. I am a big admirer of her mom, Cory and a supporter of her late dad Benigno.

I remember Kris when she was a little girl when they arrived from Boston after her father was assasinated the Manila International Airport. She looked very shy, and simple. I left for the US then and I heard that she became an actress, got involved with Phillip Salvador, and then Joey Marquez – – and the drama that continued afterwards which includes her public admittance of things between her and Joey that would have been better kept private.

Then I heard about a new love, a basketball player named James. She was supposedly in-love again. I was glad. She deserved it after what she’s been through. I heard they were happily married and I even heard that she was pregnant. Very successful in her career, hosting GKNB and the BUZZ.

Then I heard about a new rumor that this new husband cheated on her with a receptionist named Hope at the Belo Medical Group??! Supposedly, James is saying that the girl is a stalker and that nothing happened between them. Whatever! I thought – I didn’t care, didn’t wanna know the details.

I was browsing through and checking out other videos with KC Concepcion when I ran into these videos. I was entertained for a good half hour – – the drama of Kris and James. Now I know why Kris is popular. People love hearing the skeletons in her closet. To be honest, I was intrigued by it as well! In case you haven’t seen these, for fun here are the videos – – take a look!

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Thanks to littlemorgann for posting these clips on Youtube. I love the drama! Who can you compare Kris with in the U.S. for her notoriety? Hmmm…



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