Okay, time to get emotional.. I cried.

I am posting this video because I am a Lea Salonga fan. Not only because she is playing the part of Fantine from the musical ‘Les Miserables’ – my most favorite musical of all time – right now in NY, but because she is one true person that deserves the best. She is humble, she is pretty, and she is just one woman a man could ever ask for.

I know that I will never get married (at least in the traditional sense). I will never be a parent as well (also in the traditional sense). Yet, everytime I hear the song ‘Butterfly Kisses’, I cry like a baby.

I wanted to create an entry to offer a tribute to Lea Salonga just because I admire her so much – – and what did I end up finding? This video. It made me cry. So join me, in my emotional moment. Just look at the guy – – and you will know why I cried.

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