My First Google Adsense Check – – – Hardwork does pay!! Woohoo!!

I have had adsense for over a year now. In one year, I have posted my adsense on my store alone. Not really knowing what it was all about – – I just heard that you can make money from it. One year and I had nothing but .43 cents – – and I used to call it adcents. I never knew the potential.

Then I heard about blogging from a colleague who’s been blogging for over a year. I told him, I didn’t have time to sit night after night and post entries onto a blog. I told him, I will visit his blog instead and just participate in the conversation. He has a special niche and people flock to his blog as flies on honey. I started commenting and discussing issues with a few people on his blog and I really enjoyed it.

I met some wonderful people through his blog. I became very good friends with them. One day – I just decided to create my own blog. Many nights I lay awake trying to figure out the ins and outs of blogging – – How will I get my blog publicised? What are the options to make blogging easier? Will adding adsense to my blog make a difference? Well, lo and behold! It did.

Blogging isn’t all that easy. There were times that I will be adding content or a plugin and my site will go down. Not being a programmer myself, I spent hours trying to fix them by researching other sites that encountered similar issues. Heck, the only script I am familiar with are those used in movies or t.v. shows. This time, I had to learn about java scripting and php! But who’s complaining.

Now, the reward is here. My first Google adsense check arrived today and I am soooo happy. It is definitely true and not something made up by the people I see on the internet holding their Google adsense checks. So, I would like to share with you, my own picture holding my check. It took a lot of volume and hardwork to get this check so I am savoring it at the moment. Many a night I slept at 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. just to post an entry and researching for content. Now I have five different blogs with different contents and through that, I earned my first adsense check!! Thanks for the inspiration from the following leaders,,, and I know now that I will be blogging for good! Take a look!




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