I am just soooooooooo tired of Internet Explorer – – Grrrrrr!!

I read a lot of blogs — I browse the internet from dusk till dawn… the one thing that bugs me is whenever I’m reading a really good blog (www.johnchow.com) when all of a sudden, my browser freezes and for no absolute reason I get this:


This happens to me all the time when visiting www.bryanboy.com, www.reynaelena.com or even www.problogger.net.   So today, I decided that I will make my default browser to be FIREFOX!    It’s absolutely great – – once I switched, I never see these stupid errors anymore and I could browse freely to my heart’s content.  Thanks GOOGLE!

If I were you – – and this happens to you waaaaaaaaayyyy to often – – switch. You will be glad you did!



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