Should I be annoyed at Technorati?!

It’s been almost a month since my blog listing disappeared from Technorati.  It was working fine since January, then all of a sudden – – it is no longer listed.  I have several blogs and I have no problems with the others yet, the one with the highest traffic is the one that disappeared from their list!

Everytime I try to claim my blog – I get a response of, ‘There was a problem claiming your blog.  Please try again in a few minutes.  You can also go to Technorati Help for help claiming your blog.


I have been to the Technorati Help, I have read every possible reason why my blog cannot be claimed and none of them applies to me.  I sent multiple messages to support and still have not received any response, I’ve pinged my site multiple times!  I added pings and lots and lots of pings.. and still to no avail. 

I’ve scoured the internet for answers here, here (where the author Janice) has disappeared since February 14th) and here.  Not one answer solved my problems.  My blog can be claimed with the old url, but not with the new?  I tried to delete my original claim, re-claim it, pinging it manually, and adding a code to my site for them to ping – – nothing works.

Has anyone had this problem before that maybe you can help me.   I really just need to get listed on Technorati, that’s all.  I’m not even sure if all this futile attempts to get listed on Technorati is all that – but I’m trying anyway.

I read one blog where it states that the reason for these was because Tech

Please help!!

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