User-Generated Content – – How far will it go?

While some critics are dismissing user-generated content as amateur and rife with licensing issues, marketers and advertisers are exploring various business models to generate revenue. These include product placement, sponsorships and contests. We hear from Charlene Li Principal Analyst at Forrester research, Andrew Keen, author of ‘Cult of the Amateur’, and ZDNet editor-in-chief, Dan Farber. Source

We, as bloggers are defined to be the mobilizer of advertising these days. There are certain aspects of user-generated content that is appealing to the masses. We are being embraced by marketers all across industries.

As it stated on the ZDNet podcast, Motorola was awarded for its use of marketing using user-generated content. Once they saw a video of two chinese students singing to the tune of Back Street Boys, they were interested in using them for the ad campaigns. The result? These two guys are now considered celebrities in China once they were tapped by Motorola to appear on their ad campaigns.

The potential is endless as advertisers look for individuals with certain niches. Take for example. He’s been featured in so many publication for his unique content that the world has embraced or despised! The same goes for Perez Hilton, the notorious celebrity blogger who probably earns quite a good penny from his blog and has had the chance to meet the celebrities that he bashes on his site. Another one is Happy Slip, a Filipina whose videos are so entertaining, she gets over a million views on her Revver and You Tube videos. These are prime examples of what power user-generated content could do and companies will take notice.
Another example is the experiment created by two amateur film makers that created the ‘Mentos & Diet Coke’ Experiment on You Tube.

The experiment has generated a lot of hype and the producers were given a 50/50 share of revenue once taken by Revver.

Google has generated popular advertising medium through it’s adsense program. Such blogger greats as Problogger, Shoemoney and John Chow has generated so much cash that ordinary individuals are encouraged to generate their own content and take a piece of this ‘cash-pie’ such as yours truly as you can see from my previous post.

There is so much to be made and it only takes time before Fortune 500 companies take another look at user-generated content to advertise their products.

So, what are you waiting for?! Start generating your content – – be it your own, or public-domain content. This is the age of user-generated content.

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