In honor of Mother’s Day on May 13th – A Big Shout Out to TOP 100


We Think Mom Bloggers Deserve a Little Recognition!

Hey we all know that moms work hard. But mom bloggers work hard, and run blogs. We think that deserves a little extra recognition. After all, mom bloggers are also helping other moms.

So, we took a shot at putting together a list of Top 100 Mom Blogs. These women, and communities of women, have in our view displayed particular excellence in areas including:

  • Originality
  • Passion
  • Humor
  • Personality
  • Creativity

We understand that your favorite blog may not be mentioned in this list. We had a difficult time narrowing the contestants down, because there are so many qualified mothers who blog. Please email us any notable blogs you feel should have been included.

One thing was clear when reviewing all of the great mom blogs out there. Just being a mom brings plenty of ammo for discussion, community, and endless entertainment! So without further ado, here is our first list of Top 100 Mom Blogs:

Adoption and Family Life

Get a feel of the adoption process by reading what others have experienced. Read the posts on family life where you may identify, laugh, cry, and comment. (Numbers are for ordering, not an indication of rank)

  1. We Found Baby S. in China!
  2. LadyBug Journals
  3. MamaKBear’s World
  4. Overwhelmed With Joy!

Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies

Look what other moms are doing to enjoy their spare time. Techniques are often revealed, along with upcoming projects by the authors.

  1. Design Mom
  2. ArtsyMama
  3. Exercise Before Knitting
  4. Poet Mom
  5. MollyChicken
  6. Plays With Fire


This controversial topic has spawned a few blogs to keep you informed of current issues related to breastfeeding.

  1. My Baby and More
  2. Mama Knows Breast
  3. The Lactivist

Entertainment and Celebrity

From one of Angelina Jolie’s new children, to the next celeb in rehab;

these blogs follow who’s in the spotlight along with witty commentary.

  1. Mamarazzi
  2. MamaPop!

Fashion and Style

Just because you have a kid doesn’t mean you can’t be hip! See the latest products and trends for babies and kids.

  1. Modish Mom
  2. Stylish Moms

Food and Cooking

Tired of making the same spaghetti and meatballs? Head over to one of these blogs for new recipes to treat your family and friends.

  1. Lisa’s Cookbook
  2. Mommy Cooks

Health Conditions

We all know someone with a health condition that needs special attention. These blogs catalog the good and bad times of living with certain ailments.

  1. Austismland
  2. Spina Bifida Moms

Home Schooling

As discontent with the quality of public school education grows, so will home schooling.

Many mothers blog about their schedules, lesson plans, and other helpful home school information.

  1. PHAT Mommy
  2. Mother Crone’s Homeschool
  3. SpunkyHomeSchool
  4. Sprittibee
  5. Especially Heather

ookingNeed a laugh? Some mothers use humor as a break from their day to day routine. Read along and join others in a laugh today. It’s good for you!

  1. Dooce
  2. White Trash Mom
  3. Miss Cellania
  4. Mommy Off the Record

GLBT Parenting

Get an insider’s perspective! Read how some non-traditional households are getting along in today’s cultural environment.

  1. Mombian
  2. The Other Mother
  3. The Adventures of Saia & Chago

Portal and Community Blogs

Connect with other moms who have the same interests as you. These blogs are great resources to begin your search.

  1. 5 Minutes for Mom
  2. Blogher
  3. Mommy Bloggers
  4. Crazy Hip Blog Mamas

Sex and Relationships

Having a child certainly changes sex and relationships; sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse. Get advice, opinions, and experiences from these 3 women:

  1. Divorce Diva
  2. Crank Mama
  3. Kat Wilder


Save money, find a new cool toy, read reviews, or get something for yourself. Who doesn’t like shopping?

  1. Cool Mom Picks
  2. Savvy Chick
  3. Tonic Gifts
  4. Want Not
  5. Baby Talkers
  6. Mom Gadget

Single Moms

Many families today are single parent households. Here are two women who share their thoughts, activities, and experiences of life as a single mom.

  1. Blogging in the Bathtub
  2. Paging Polly Prissypants

Spiritual and Religious

These moms have dedicated part of their lives to a higher power and have used blogging to spread their message.

  1. Mommy Life
  2. Holy Mama!
  3. Donna Shepherd

Work at Home Moms – WAHM

Would you like to make money and be around your children at the same time? Read how some mothers are managing, or get help on how you can become a WAHM.

  1. eMoms at Home
  2. Kristie T
  3. 1SmartMom
  4. Christian Work at Home Moms
  5. WAHM Blog by Angela
  6. Contest for Moms Blog

Other Winners

Most moms who have a blog use it as an outlet for anything they want to write about. As such, we couldn’t categorize the great writing of some women and we listed them here. You will find many of the most original, interesting, and entertaining blogs in this group.

  1. Woulda Coulda Shoulda
  2. Mrs. Flinger
  3. IzzyMom
  4. Mama’s So Called Life
  5. Plain Jane Mom
  6. Oh, The Joys
  7. Melanie in Orygun
  8. Her Bad Mother
  9. The Chaotic Home
  10. A Mommy with an Attitude
  11. Thinking About…
  12. one plus two
  13. Mamatulip
  14. Mothergoosemouse
  15. Motherhood Uncensored
  16. State of Grace
  17. Notes from the Trenches
  18. Suburban Turmoil
  19. Wonder Mom
  20. Mommy Needs Coffee
  21. Paper Napkin
  22. Mom Writes
  23. Mom 2 Mom Connection
  24. This Full House
  25. Mamacita
  26. Touched by an Angel
  27. A Mama’s Rant
  28. Crazed Parent
  29. Mommy Writer Blog
  30. Sugared Harpy
  31. The I’mPerfect Mom
  32. Kvetch Blog
  33. Mom 101
  34. Rockstar Mommy
  35. Home Sweet Home
  36. My Tiny Kingdom
  37. The Mummy Chronicles
  38. Little Woolgatherings
  39. Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck
  40. An Island Life
  41. Chicky Chicky Baby
  42. Slacker Moms-R-Us
  43. Under the Mad Hat


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