What blogging has done to me….. Come on people, this is HUGE CHEEZMAX!

I am really not new to blogging. I started my blog way back in October of 2005. The blog is called ‘Where is the Station?‘ I was inspired by a blogger that I found on the internet. His name is Heath Dieckert. I read his entries, and his posts hit home. I, too, liked the books he liked, had the vision he had, and always trying to find ways to make myself better. He admired the same authors I did. It brought me back to basics.

My last entry was in April 06, 2006. I had totally forgotten about this blog until recently when I was trying to create a blogspot account, it directed me to the blog that I had started two years ago. Yes, this is my coming out party. If you click on the link, you will see lots of pictures. You can probably guess who I am within those snaps.

Why did I come out all of a sudden? Well. As you all know, I got re-introduced into blogging by one of my good friends Reyna Elena. He pestered me for months to start my own blog because he says that blogging is so much fun! With school, work and home life – I really didn’t have much time. I told him that I can’t and I won’t. Maybe when things calm down I will.

However, I started reading Reyna Elena’s entries and I was surprised how many readers visit and leave fun comments on his site. I may not have told you but like Reyna, I have ADD (Add me to your Directory, Dear) as well. The more I read, the more fun it became. I started leaving comments as well and the reaction was great! I liked it!

There I met a few people that I now consider really good friends. There was Ross from Quotes in Can, Diwa from Diwatang Byaning, Bea from A Happy Simple Blog, JC from World Class Pinoy, C5 from House and Lot in Laguna, and of couse Kutz from Teacher Gee. Some have already started blogging but Ross, Diwa, JC, Kutz and I all started at the same time. I am really glad I met all of them. Although we are thousands of miles apart – – we feel very close. Ross is from Italy, JC, C5, and Bea are from the Philippines, Kutz is from Arizona, Diwa is from South Jersey, and Reyna is from Philadelphia.

What triggered this entry is the email we received from Ross with attached photos of the most recent eyeball held today, May 1st in the Philippines. Ross was vacationing from Italy and visiting the Philippines when they decided to all meet. I was looking at the pictures and I just felt giddy inside. It was like I was looking at ‘Family Reunion’ pictures. I realized, ‘Wow, these people are my family now!’ Even though I haven’t met any of them in person (except for Diwa and Reyna), I really feel like I know them. They accepted me for who I am without judgment. They inspire me. (You all look beatiful by the way!!)

Okay – maybe this is not so great CHEEZMAX after all. I still want to let them know that they do mean something to me. The Power of Eight! More power to our group – – and thanks for sharing the pictures! One day, we shall all meet… one day. Love you all!

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