This is major CHEEZMAX! And I was torn if I should blog it or not..

Have you ever wondered details about someone you’ve known for a long time? Your best friend for example? When we consider someone to be a BFF, we tend to know everything about that person right? You know his/her favorite food, weaknesses, likes, source of income etc. How about your boyfriend or your girlfriend? Do you know everything about them? You would probably say – – I know most of the things about them but probably not 100% because everyone has to keep a secret.

Well listen to this – – – COME CLOSER….

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I remember watching 20/20 or 60 minutes where they featured a man who traveled the globe and had wives everywhere. None of the wives knew that the man had other wives. He pretended to be a lawyer to one, a doctor to the other, and a pilot to the next, etc. This story inspired the movie ‘Catch Me If You Can‘ starring Leonardo Dicaprio. It seems way too much and we would say that those women were stupid.

Well, I came across a real life ‘Catch Me If You Can’ drama right in my neighborhood!!! I have known this couple (let’s call them Rostum and Keanna) for about four years now. They have a beautiful home, fully renovated fixtures, complete with a ‘car wash’ like shower in the marble-laden bathroom, upscale kitchen and furniture imported from Italy.

I would say that they have been together for almost 10 years yet they recently tied the knot a couple of years ago. Rostum is a doctor and Keanna is a nurse practitioner. Their wedding was upscale as well — horse and carriage royalty chuva! You might say that they have lots of cash – – imagine a doctor and a nurse practitioner? Hmmm .. that’s great income right there!

I have befriended this couple. They even came to my birthday party and I am constantly talking to them about our dog (they have Shih Tzus too!) and sometimes they would even invite me and my friends for cocktails in their home. Very nice couple indeed. They are always together and they show us pictures of their ski trips, vacation here and there. A happy couple… or so it seemed.

I always see Rostum and what struck me as weird was seeing him home all the time, (polishing their cars, walking the dogs, and riding his bike). But it didn’t faze me because I knew that he graduated from medical school and was currently doing his residency before he takes the medical board exam. So I thought, he only had to go to the hospital a couple of times a week which would probably be normal for doctors undergoing residency.

On the other hand, I barely see Keanna since she works 12 hour shifts at times. She would leave very early in the morning and come home very late at night. I didn’t see nothing wrong with that as well. They live lavishly but surely, they can afford it until recently……

During a freak accident, Keanna’s father suddenly passed. She was devastated as she was very close to her father. Soon after that, something must have triggered in Keanna’s mind that ‘life is too short.’ She bought a motorcycle, and she would ride the motorcycle to work daily. Since Rostum already has a motorcycle, they would ride for hours on end during weekends. I used to envy them a lot because they do all things together and seem to really enjoy each other’s company.

About a couple of months later, Keanna walked out of her job. Dealing with the loss of her father, a stressful job and so forth really triggered it for her. Being a nurse practitioner, she found another job right away but she quickly quit that job as well. In the meantime, Rostum was supporting her. They only had his income. But I see Keanna, spending as if there is no tomorrow. She would go shopping, she took a month-long vacation away from Rostum and that’s when things started to seem odd. When she came back from her vacation, she still had no prospects of looking for another job. I was getting a bit concerned. Speaking to Rostum, he tells me that she is undergoing a lot of stress after the death of her father and the he is there to support her which I thought was very sweet. But I saw the changes in Keanna. She doesn’t want Rostum around her, she hates being home, and she would rather do her own thing than do it with Rostum. It struck me as very odd yet I was trying to put myself in her shoes as well.

Then one night as I was walking my dog, she pulls into the parking lot. She comes over and starts talking to me like usual. I was joking with her to share whatever she is taking that resulted in her major weight loss. She looked stunning as always. Then she blurts out, ‘Oh, just so you know – – I’m leaving Rostum’. I started laughing… and she said, ‘I’m serious!’ I didn’t pry, I didn’t ask but I knew she was serious. I even asked her if there was hope through counseling and she said no.

She came over the other day and relayed the details. AND this is the MAJOR CHEEZMAX….

Apparently, Rostum hasn’t worked a day in his life. He is not a medical doctor – – and didn’t even go for a medical degree anywhere. And about the hospital where he says he is supposedly employed? His name is not even recognized at that hospital!!! He’s been living off Keanna’s savings!!! Would you believe it? There’s a huge chunk of money missing from her account according to Keanna.

She started asking questions when she quit her job. She would see him leave the house at 10:00 a.m. and be back at 2:00 p.m. It should take a least a half hour to get to the hospital he claims he works at and a half hour to get back. That leaves 2 hours of working time a few times a week?! She was like, ‘residency couldn’t be that easy!’ Apparently, she has never called him at work! When she started asking Rostum for statements from the ‘alleged’ student loans, he could provide no proof. Diploma? No proof.

Forgive me as I am really a compassionate person but, how in the hell do you live with someone for almost 10 years and not know that this is going on? I guess this goes to say that Suze Orman is right. Many women in this country do not pay attention to the details regarding finance in the home. Keanna had no idea that the money they are both living off of was from her savings. She had no idea that he didn’t work anywhere and that he is not a doctor. FCOL – don’t people usually start a conversation with ‘So, what do you do?’ or ‘Where do you work?’ I guess we take words as is and we don’t really check until we have a need to. I could say to a person I meet at a party that I am a physician too and he wouldn’t doubt for a minute whether I am or not unless I am dressed in drag.

I could not believe it. I could not freaking believe it. So now, Keanna is selling everything in the house including THE house. They have two properties in my neighborhood and both are for sale right now. There is a restraining order against Rostum and the situation has gone haywire.

I am a friend to both of them and of course, this is only Keanna’s side. I haven’t heard from Rostum yet.. or have seen him since. It still doesn’t make sense to me…



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