Hey Graduates! Are you ready to pay that loan?

A friend of ours recently graduated from Arts Institute of Philadelphia.  As you may or may not know, he graduated with honors (wink, wink).  He had excelled in his major because this is what he dreamt would be his patch to success.  His field of study?  Interior Design.

Well, you all know that as young individuals, we are sometimes asked what we’d like to be when we grow up.  He was asked that same question but in Filipino culture, either you take up medicine or law school to get your folks’ support or nothing else.  Well, he didn’t get that support because he wanted to take up interior design. 

Recently, he decided to fulfill his dreams and went into Interior Design.  Without the financial backing, he had to apply for student loans to cover his expenses.  Graduating last year, he is faced with starting to pay up his student loans.  He has a few of them and believe me, taking up Interior Design is not cheap. 

He has been employed now for a couple of months fulfilling his dream.  He is an Interior Designer and hired as such.  As happy as he is, he needed to make sure that  he has enough to pay for his student loans and live a life as well.  He has now looked into ways to consolidate student loans.

Not only  was he able to lower the rate of interest on his loans but due to this, he has mapped out his plan for financial success.  He decided to contribute to his 401K, maximizing the benefit of dollar-matching, started to save up, and even brown-bags his lunch to work. 

Mapping out your financial goals is essential so if you are a recent graduate or about to graduate – – look into it.  If you plan to be successful in your lifetime, one way to do it is to maximize your financial standing. Consolidating your student loans is one of them. Wake up! Look into it… you’ll be glad you did!

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