Yet another way to increase that income from blogging – PPP DIRECT

OMG – – what ways to make more money! Pay Per Post just launched another way to maximize your earnings while blogging!! This is just absolutely amazing!!

Did you know that I have already banked $32.00 just by writing for Pay Per Post? $32.00 US Dollars!!! Not only was it easy, it was just great to blogging a few words and make money!! Some as little as 50 words!

If I were you, I would get on the bandwagon and get blogging peeps!!

Yet – another way to add to your income is the newly-launched Pay Per Post Direct! You get paid to review other sites! PPP Direct is one easy may to do that. Did you know that ReviewMe charges you up to 50-100% markup – – so for every review, they keep half! What is that? And to think that ReviewMe denied me even with my 17K viewers on record and my rating on Technorati and Page Rank! ReviewMe is hard to get into, but Pay Per Post is a breeze!!! No bitterness here though. PPP Direct ROCKS!

With PPP Direct, they only charge 10% and a 5% Paypal fee and credit card processing. That seems reasonable to me don’t you think? It’s a normal cost of doing business…compared to a 50% cut off your profits.

Just imagine, if you get the rating of $100.00 USD per post and someone else takes $50.00 USD from you? Wouldn’t that hurt your potential income? PPP Direct allows you to be contacted directly with no hassles. They take care of the year-end tax paperwork and will provide you the statement directly for tax reporting. How easy is that?

Be a Postie now and start earning peeps. I am telling you, this is about to explode if it hasn’t already.

I am more excited now that I have been accepted as a Postie on Pay Per Post… Way to GO PPP!! Hire me now for $5.00 a review and get visibility! 17K viewers should give you a good start! 😉

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