This would have been on my wish list for my birthday…

Why do I want to get this Sony Vaio? I like watching movies. I barely have time to watch movies in a theater these days. Going to school, full-time job, and house chores just takes up all my time. I usually take my downtime,  pour a glass of wine and pop a DVD on my DVD player or BLOG ABOUT LIFE! I can blog all weekend long, sometimes even stay up till 3:00 in the morning writing about STUFF.Â

What would be the most ideal if I can do both using this compact laptop? I can watch movies at the park, my patio or wherever I would like to take that downtime. What more – – just look at the features on this baby:

Masterful Performance in a Compact Body. This full-functioning Sony VAIO UX230P UMPC features a 4.5″ wide SVGA screen, Intel® CoreT Solo Ultra Low Voltage CPU and Microsoft® XP Professional operating system. Wireless freedom is yours with integrated wireless LAN, wireless WAN and Bluetooth® technology built right in. Expansion is a breeze with the port replicator; you can even opt to add an optional Bluetooth® GPS receiver and turn your Sony VAIO UX230P UMPC into a portable navigation assistant.

What else can you ask for? I actually found a site where you not only bid on this item to get it, but whoever has the lowest bid wins? How good is that? There are lots of items listed that your head will probably spin trying to figure out which one you would like to own. I love gadgets and let me tell you – – there are plenty to choose from. Go visit the site and let me know what you think! I will be watching for this item – since it still has 14 days remaining and see if I can win it. Maybe my downtime will be more efficient – – and much more fun!!

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