To be or not to be… yes, that is THE question.

I am torn now.  I have gone back to school which started in 2003 I believe.  I wanted to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in my lifetime.  I know that most people tell me that I already have an excellent job, and no longer need to focus on education. My reasoning is this.

What if for some odd reason, my job doesn’t exist anymore?  What if I decide to change the course of my track in the future?  What have I got to turn to for back up?  Nothing.

Yes, experience counts a lot and I do believe (I hope) that I have experience in a field where there is high demand.  Yet, I feel that I will not be completely fulfilled until I have completed my education.

I have friends from work who not only finished their bachelor’s degree, but have gone on to take their MBA.  I’ve read that MBA is the new bachelor’s degree these days.  So where does that take me?

I have already completed my Associate’s degree this spring.  Should I go on to get my bachelor’s degree?  What do you guys think?  I am scheduled to enroll at Rutger’s University this fall and I am torn between enjoying life without the need to go home and complete my homework.  I am already stressed enough at work as it is and to add additional work would probably drive me insane.

But hey – I still have the whole summer right?  We’ll shall see.  And to all you folks out there who think that education is not important, think again.  Most companies, not only here in the U.S. but also overseas, would require at least a Bachelor’s degree before they will even take you in for an interview.  I guess I am just lucky – – but you may not be. 

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