Batteries – a constant issue on gadgets…

I have two things that annoy the heck out of me when travelling. Economy seats on the plane, and weak batteries. It’s bad enough that I have to be uncomfortable for the whole flight with a chair that would recline enough only to tell me that the seat is reclinable – – but I can’t even enjoy the flight because if I can’t sleep, I want to do something else.  Whatelse can you do inside a plane for 20 hours? Read? Yes, but you can only read so much while people next to you are sleeping and want the light off.

Why weak batteries you say? I planned on using the laptop I have from work to watch DVD’s on my way to Asia. That was working well and good but the battery only lasts for 1 hour regardless that it says it may last up to 4 hours. I had no interest in the movie selection provided by the airline and I wanted to watch my own – – but how can you watch a full movie with 1 hour worth of battery life?

So, as soon as I returned I made sure that I shop for additional batteries that I can have on hand in situations like these. Even the use of my cellphone while travelling can be a hassle if I do not have extra batteries to boot.

I found a website that sells batteries for laptops at very reasonable prices. I intend to check it out further but it offers a wide variety of batteries for all laptop makes and models. The website is Check it out if you are in a similar situation like me. Next time I travel, I will make sure that extra batteries are part of my carry on luggage. 😉

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