Congratulations to my daughter – JC for a high Pagerank on Google!

Okay folks.  I have been blogging for as long as I can remember – and my Google pagerank remains at 3.  No bitterness here since it helps me get approved on income-making programs and it helps to add different programs to my blog in order to maximize it’s money-making potential.

Now here’s the kicker… during our Blogger Eyeball Convention in Manila – Tita Cee mentioned to me and Bea that one of our fellow blogger friends here (we all met through the blog of Reyna Elena) , JC has a Google Pagerank higher than all of us.. which is 8!!!  Could you believe that?!  So I checked it out today and sure enough, here’s the proof!  This just opens a lot of doors to my ‘anak’ if she wants to take on this money-making opportunity of blogging.  Having a pagerank of 8 is no easy feat… so to my anak – – CONGRATULATIONS!!


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