I am soooo ready for a vacation!!!! But where????

Okay – listen here. It’s already June and before you know it, summer will be over. Last year, I had a great vacation in Italy even though it was very brief. I was in Florence and Rome…. and let me tell you – – it was great. The food, the people and the sites are amazing!!! But that was a bigger budget than what I intend to do this year. I cannot afford a similar vacation this year so I would probably go local. And you know me, when it comes to money matters – – I stay strict to my budget.

I remember when I first came to the U.S. – since I haven’t started working then, I had all the time in the world! I was 18 years old. My oldest sister and her family were going for a trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL and she decided to take me along. We actually stayed at a resort inside Disney, called The Contemporary Resort. It was amazing because you can be a train ride away to the Disney World Park and Epcot Center. It was the best because my nephews and I were able to go water skiing right outside the hotel – – there were lots of fun activities without having to leave the Resort. That was many many years ago – – yet even then, the cost in today’s equivalent will still be out of my budget. I haven’t been back to Disney World since 1990 and I think it’s due. Wow!!

So, maybe it’s time for me to go but with a budget like mine, I had to look somewhere else. I cannot afford a Disney Resort with my budget. Little did I know that there is such a thing called Orlando Vacation Rentals. They have individual owners of rental properties being offered and some of the homes are gorgeous homes where you can have 4-5 bedrooms at a price you can’t beat. Sometimes, they are as close as 12 minutes from the Disney Parks!!! Yes – – and guess what? If you travel with other families or friends, it would probably cost you cheaper if you divide the cost per week among your friends. Five bedrooms could probably accommodate two families of four, or simply five couples. You can buy your own groceries and cook there. Some rentals offer decks where you can view the fireworks right there without the hassle of going inside the park as well!

So, I am looking into Orlando Vacation Rentals to see if I can get a few people to come with me and spend a week with Mickey and Minnie once again! And even if I don’t go to the parks, we may just go to the beach which could cost as little or nothing. That would be even better for my budget this year. Anyone want to join me? 😉

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