After spend spend spend… it’s time to save save save!!!

Spend spend spend… whew~! Visiting my dear country the Philippines, was really a treat. It was added as part of the business trip that I took last month. Of course, I haven’t seen my brother and my nephews and nieces for a while. What do you do in this instance? I only had four days so I took them shopping!

While it was good, I have always said here that one must always replace what was spent – – I now have to recoup the money I spent back home. So, while sitting down this evening, I already thought of getting rid of my Directv subscription to The Filipino Channel (Geesh – I don’t even get to watch it at all!), cutting down costs as in brown-bagging my lunch.

Guess what? As a part of my cost-cutting brainstorming session, a friend recommended that I change my home phone service to Vonage. Of course, I was curious as to why? He said that there are no extra charges for the usual services that most local phone companies charge such as call-waiting, call-forwarding, voice mail and all that! I thought it is a good deal too. I asked him about the service,(i.e. clarity of calls etc.) and I received five stars. What more? For the same price I pay monthly on my phone bill (without the extras!!!) Vonage has unlimited local and long distance calling anywhere in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. And NOW – they have have FREE calls to select European countries! ONE MONTH FREE! So I am definitely checking this one out!!The only reason why I would believe this buddy of mine is because he is more frugal than me. I mean, FCOL – – he would rather read the Da Vinci Code from an Internet Printout instead of buying the freaking book, okay? But I trust his opinion because I have saved more money listening to his advices.

So if anyone among you use Vonage, can you please provide some feedback?! I am on a rampage to cut my costs inside the home. Please help me decide if you can.

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