Am I really in I.T. or what?

My friends are all programmers. Most of them are here in the U.S. because of the internet boom during the 90’s and have obtained six-figure income jobs because of that need. I only have a couple of friends that aren’t in I.T. but they are doing well too.

The question is, am I really an I.T. person? Well, I work as a Project Manager for I.T. but I am not a programmer. I also perform business analysis, to present business requirements to our I.T. department so they could code the process and deliver it to our operations. My friends say, I’m a fake I.T. person when they tease me.

What I like working for I.T. is the flexibility you are given because everything these days can be accomplished through remote access. When I was in operations, I always have to be in the office because I have customers that require my attention either by phone or personal meetings. In I.T., I don’t have that dilemma. I just log in and handle whatever it is from there that I need to do. That is if I have my work laptop with me and have access to our network.

Now there’s are lots of ways that I can have remote access to my files. I am thrilled! Now that I have this ‘power’, I think that I have become an I.T. person regardless if I am considered one or not. The ability to work from home most days is the best thing for me. I can be doing my wash one minute and taking care of an issue the next. Thank goodness for remote access!!!

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