My trip to Asia – – the beginning….

I was lucky enough to have been assigned to a project that would require me to travel and train our staff all over Asia.  I wasn’t totally shocked when I was asked to visit Asia because a very good friend of mine is a ‘heavy hitter’ in one of our offices in Australia.

With her kind words, I was pinpointed to perform the training and was given four cities to visit.  First stop – SINGAPORE.

I didn’t know much about Singapore.  10 years ago, I was asked to go and participate in our companies’ employee exchange program.  Our VP approached me and queried whether I would go to Singapore and do a two-year stint there to learn their process and bring it back to the U.S.    Mind you, this was the time when this American kid in Singapore vandalized a lot of cars with spray paint and was caught.  The punishment?  Lashing!  I thought very differently about Singapore then and I had to turn it down.

Anyway, this time around – – I would have given anything up to move to Singapore.  As little as the city was, I experienced everything FIRST CLASS.  I stayed at the Rasa Sentosa Resort.  It was amazing!!!

Here are a few pictures to show you what Singapore is like.


View from the window on the way to Singapore.



Of course I didn’t miss this! 😉


View from my hotel window.


Another one… I was staying in one of those.


I heard that this beach was man-made.


A peacock right on the premises. Well, a bald peacock. 😀

More to follow – – watch out for my next post!Â

Next stop – – MALAYSIA!

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