Why I loved Singapore? It’s an amazing place!

Singapore.. hmmm. The only thing most people know about Singapore is that it is illegal to chew gum. They don’t sell gum anywhere in Singapore. If you don’t want to get fined, do not smuggle them in. Although a lot of expats do it and chew the gum at home.


Listen here. I didn’t expect much of Singapore. I heard that it was super clean and I heard that people are organized and they respect authorities. There’s almost no crime at all and it is very safe. All of the above? TRUE!


As soon as you land and walk around the airport, you already know that you are in a country where people value cleanliness as much if not close to their own bodies. I see no litter on the ground, the airport is very organized and well-lit. It almost resembles a first class hotel inside the airport. The people are very respectful and my goodness, even the cab service from the airport to the hotel is organized. As soon as you walk out, cabs are flagged and they park on a spot for loading passengers – in two minutes you are on your way.


Even the cabs are super clean! I asked the cab driver why the cab is so clean. He replied, ‘We have to! It is a requirement for cabs if you want to take services at the airport.’ That was amazing. I really liked that response. Imagine yourself arriving in a foreign country. The first thing you see is the airport and the transportation you will take is FROM the airport. How excellent would it be to have a great experience about it. I DID! From that moment, I knew I loved Singapore.

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