Drug Rehab: A second chance at living

As I was reading through an article about drug addiction, I had no idea how hard it is to go through rehab in order to kick the habit.   Usually, a drug addict goes through a roller coaster of drug addiction before they can conquer the habit and find rehabilitation.

Some of the drug addicts got started at a very young age, starting with smoking weed.  Then when they get immune from the highs that weed offer, they go onto heavier stuff all the way to crystal meth.  If you think getting addicted to crystal meth is hard enough, some drug addicts go even farther to shooting up heroin.  We sometimes think that drug addicts are just losers without a job, no ambition to make themselves better and simply one who doesn’t care about the world.  That, I found out is a fallacy. 

Many drug addicts are ‘normal’ people with jobs, with families and at times you would not even be able to point them out in the crowd.  One addict said he started using drugs while he was in college, to keep him awake during exams.  It was as simple as that.  20 years later, he is still addicted to the drug and eventually started spiralling downhill.  He couldn’t keep a job, he constantly beats his wife and steals from everyone around him including his own mother.  The last straw for him was when his wife gave him the ultimatum.  Get medical help or she would divorce him and take the kids away with her.    That was his moment of truth.  It was time to check in to a drug rehab center.

Rehab centers are abundant but very few are like narconon.  As I understand it, Narconon Stonewalk definitely knows all about addiction, because the people there were once addicts themselves.

At narconon they deeply care about addicts, because someone made the effort to care about them when they were there once. They stand by their program, because the program worked for them when other programs failed.

The program boasts a success rate of 60-70 percent two years after leaving the program. Four independent studies have been done on Stone Hawk’s methods, also attesting to their success in Spain, Sweden, Utah, and California. There is an aftercare program, which is done by following up with graduates of the program, which is done by following up with graduates of the program bi-weekly for six months after they completer their stay, which then becomes a follow-up every six months for up to two years.

It is never too late – if you have a problem, please get in touch with them now.  Drug addiction is a problem that they take very seriously. Start a new life at narconon and let the healing begin. Learn how to save a life, and your family.  

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