If I only started my recruiting business when I thought about it…

My nephew just graduated and I wish he was an I.T. graduate or a Nurse. It has been predicted that in the next five years, the need for healthcare and technology professionals is going to be dire. There are lots of opportunities out there and a need for recruiters will be in the same level. Remember? Supply and Demand?

I had thought about this business but I just didn’t know about it. It was something that I always wanted to do because a cousin of mine (who’s a millionaire now) started a recruiting agency for OFW workers. It was a gold mine! I should have, could have, would have…. you know the drill.More…

The Rebels of Recruiting stems from this need and a need to be different from the rest. If you need to succeed, you need to offer Recruitment Marketing that brings zest and truly differentiating recruitment/job products to the mid to large business marketing. A need that was mastered by Appendant Marketing Group. They are bringing their product to market and I am excited. I want to follow their progress. Just today, a press release was issued and it got me excited. Not only are they recruiters, they will follow through with their recruits to ensure their success in achieving their goals. Read on…

Fishers, IN, June 12, 2007 –(PR.com)– Founded by Mark Anderson and Brandon Corbin, Appendant Marketing Group (www.appendant.com) offers an expanding suite of really cool recruitment and marketing solutions that enhance, enrich, and ultimately revolutionize the candidate acquisition process. Supplying on-demand marketing solutions (print and web-based), personalized communications, and results-focused consultations, Appendant empowers clientele to achieve their ongoing goals without compromise.

Anderson, VP of Sales and Business Development and Corbin, VP of Creative and Technology, came together through mutually deep experience in the recruitment and marketing fields, an intense passion for improving the candidate experience, and a shared vision to create a truly unique Recruitment Marketing Agency, focused on enhancing the candidate experience through technology, personalization, responsiveness, and outstanding creativity.

According to Corbin, we saw a niche we could fill by mastering both web and print-based recruitment marketing, and then developing user-friendly products heavy in technology and creativity. While we’re primarily focused on offering these products to industries that are constantly recruiting for open positions, such as healthcare and financial services, any company can benefit from our services.

While today marks the official launch, Appendant has experienced a busy pre-launch phase. Says Anderson: In the midst of developing, researching, and perfecting our plans and products, we ve already accomplished several key milestones — from building trusted client relationships to implementing dozens of successful RecruitCard campaigns. Included in these milestones has been Appendant ‘s ability to secure over $250,000 in pre-launch funding, (primarily through the SBA), with significantly more committed. In its first 6 months, Appendant has already generated approximately $700,000 in sales.

About Appendant:

Appendant Marketing Group is a Technology focused Recruitment Marketing and Advertising Agency based in Fishers, IN. While Appendant is a nationally focused company, a strong Midwest and Indianapolis presence has already been established. We help companies to communicate effectively with their candidates, employees, customers, and prospects through personalized direct marketing and creative web-based applications. By creating website portals designed specifically toward the audience being targeted, we help our clients drastically improve campaign results by focusing obsessively on the user experience.

Chief among Appendant’s recruitment and marketing family of products is RecruitCard, a turnkey personalized direct mail campaign solution, and Recruital, a customized, trackable recruitment portal that segments candidate traffic and substantially increases conversions.

For further information, contact Angie Clowers at 317-489-4557 or angie.clowers@appendant.com.

Appendant Marketing Group
9001 Technology Dr. Suite E
Fishers, Indiana 46038
Phone 317.489.4557
Fax 317.489.4551

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