You may have had this problem too – – Too many DVD’s and CD’s collecting dust?

I have always said that I will not buy music unless I know that the medium is something that could last my lifetime. During the advent of technology from cassette tapes to CD’s, I became an avid collector. I have a varied interest in music genre and I could listen to the likes of Chicago all the way to Meatloaf. I could also listen to Whitney Houston to Josh Groban. It is so varied that my CD collection has grown to probably over 500.

Then, the DVD’s arrived replacing the VHS tapes. This got me started collecting DVD’s as well. I was pretty much focused on the Indie type of movies, including gay-themed romantic movies. But when movies such as Pretty Woman, Batman, Steel Magnolias, and The Mission were turned to DVD’s – – – I started buying more and more and more.

Now I have a full collection that just sits there, hardly ever played or watched. Most recently, I tried to find ways to get rid of the CD’s where I already have burned into my IPOD or have gotten tired of. I tried Ebay and that was good but I still have lots that remained which wouldn’t sell no matter how many times I listed it.

Then I discovered – The Free Way to Get Movies, Music, and Games. At, members join for free and receive a free CD, DVD or video game of their choice to try out the site. Members list items for a point value without a fee or commission. The site automatically creates the listing that includes free photos, content and reviews. When another member acquires the item, the points are given to the listing member. Those points can be used to get new items on the site, again without any transaction fees. is unique in that the site carries CDs, DVDs, and video games, and members can cross trade between categories. (i.e. get rid of a DVD to get a CD or game). also offers members the option of purchasing special media mailers that insure the member against loss or damage.

Recently, has released a personal widget that allows members to take their inventory with them and post the widget on their own personal blog, site, or social site profile page.

I now know where I can trade my CD’s and DVD’s without having to pay to get rid of them. What more? It’s FREE and you get a CD, DVD or GAME just for signing up! So, I am going to try it and who knows? I might get a good trade on something that I really love, for the DVD that I probably will not watch ever again.

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