Control your teen’s expenses and teach them responsibility.

Heard of PAYjr. It’s a Teen Card that teaches teens how to earn money responsibly while helping parents manage the household chores.

PAYjr offers an allowance and chore system that allows parents to assign household chores online, designate a money value for those chores, and provide a financial reward when chores are successfully completed.

PAYjr supports instant messaging, e-mail and text messaging to notify children when their parents assign new chores or when money has been deposited into their PAYjr account or other savings account. Likewise PAYjr notifies parents when a chore has been completed, building up a record of chores over time.

PAYjr Teen Card is sort of a CRM billing system for the family. The use of online tracking applied to kid’s chores is a good idea, adding support for TXT and IM makes it better again. Parents with kids looking for a different way of managing the allocation of chores will like PAYjr

Now, theoretically this tool could be useful if it was used in conjunction with talking with your kids. But it’s hard to imagine that if you do have excellent communications with the children, that you’d need an online tool to keep their chores straight. Unless you’re running a sweatshop or have 60-some odd kids there’s no way that there are enough chores going on that you need to bring the internet into the equation. But whatever. Everything’s online now, why not this?

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