Presentations and data files, how will I take it with me?

Six citites in Asia, 30 presentations and a lot of data. How did I manage to do that? I was afraid that my laptop will crash and all my documents and all my data will be gone, forever. What if I lost my laptop along the way?

I heard of an Online Storage company that will store all of my important documents and data for a very minimal cost! User data such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, My Documents, Financial Files and other office can be stored online and the back up works for both Windows and MAC operating systems. I never heard of such a thing. I know that our company uses Microsoft Exchange for our email but I always have to VPN in to get to my local files if I didn’t take my laptop with me. This was totally mind boggling so I decided to check them out.

The company boasts of a military-grade, 256-bit encryption technology during secure backups. That is real security if you ask me. You can use a backup and restore function either interactively or you can schedule it as well. One good thing is familiarity. It has the look and feel of Windows explorer so even amateur people like me will not be intimidated in using it. Having an account with Online Storage can save a lot of important moments that CEO’s and VPs of Sales encounter when they are travelling with their most important presentation or data. It’s more like a portal but even better!

You can restore up to 30 early prior versions of your data files including the most recent version. I think that would be safe enough for me!

I remember back in 1989, when our company was really small, we have one guy in I.T. that manages our servers. One night, a lightning struck the our building causing a short-circuit within the building. It caused the servers to shut down and one bad thing is, we didn’t have a backup. Imagine our company losing all the data most specifically, accounting data. We had to settle with our customers on what they think they owe us because we had no way of retrieving the data that was lost. Needless to say, we had a new I.T. manager within a week.

That was back in 1989 when probably, our company didn’t even think of having redundant machines or backing up data that is as important as accounting data. The Online Storage company would have come in handy. In today’s environment, redundancy is key. I think most businesses that are small to medium-sized would benefit from this company with limited costs for limited budgets.

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