Improving your Technorati Rating through Viral Tags, did it work?


Woohoo! I checked my Blogjuice just now and I was totally surprised! I had remained at 1.4 during the last several months, until I was tagged by esofthub’s web finds to become a part of the Viral Tags experiment.

Folks, this is the best experiment ever. My Blogjuice (a measurement of your rating with the top like Technorati, Alexa, and Bloglines) has gone up in the last few weeks from 1.4 to 3.1!!!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven!! 😉

If you haven’t participated yet, and you have a blog that you would like to raise the ranking – – please feel free to copy my post and join the craze! My rating at Technorati has skyrocketed from an authority of 50 to an authority of 165~!!! Do you know what this means? My Alexa rating jumped about 4 million count! This means that my Google Pagerank will go up as well. The Pagerank is the measurement that most advertisers go by to make sure that your site has high traffic and grant you sponsorship and such.

Listen guys – I had a great jump in my ratings when I followed Meridian Crest’s advise on how to increase your rating with Technorati – – but when I was tagged for Viral Tags, I could ask for nothing more. My Google Adsense income also increased just because of this.

I dare you!

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