You’re FIRED!! What? How? Why? When?

Michael Weston was accepted to work for the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).  He went through rigorous background checks, and have presented all sorts of documentation to prove his ‘good moral character’ in order to be accepted at the prestigious institution.  Only a select few makes it past these requirements.  He worked hard to get there, and kept his records clean to be accepted.

An agency where the primary function is to obtain and analyze information about other governments, and institutions, including individuals,  they report their findings back to the branches of the United States government.  CIA’s (as they are called) are loyal to their function.  It is believed to sometimes resort to underground methods.  It has been largely criticized for its policies and the alleged way it obtains information as it has oftentimes suspected of human rights violations such as torture and use of propaganda to influence others to be in favor or the U.S. Government.

Although Michael Weston heard these rumors prior to his acceptance at the agency, disregarded them as pure fallacy.  How could a prestigious agency such as the CIA do such alleged torture and propaganda?  He refused to believe it and still held the CIA in high regard.

That was until he discovered revealing proof that indeed, all accusations about the CIA’s corrupt and dark policies are true.  It started when he was led to a high security archive section of the building in Langley, VA.  While doing his research, and searching for references – he discovered a film labeled ‘MMP – TOP SECRET’.  When he opened the film reel case, written across the film was ‘Man on the Moon Propaganda’.   Quickly running the film through the projector, he believed that he was dreaming.  The screen showed a full production, complete with camera sets, directors, costume designers, and the set seem to resemble what he has seen on TV over and over again.  It was the scene of the man’s historic mission to the moon!!!  He didn’t question, and pretended that he saw nothing.  He hurriedly turned the projector off, placed the film back in its case and returned it where he found it.  Although in his mind, he is wondering whether the film he saw was real.  “Would the United States government really create a production and broadcast something that was made up to be a historic event?”, he thought.

As each day passes, he feels the pain of being deceived by the agency. The agency that created such high standards regarding his moral character, yet failed to uphold its own.  He wanted to deny it.  He wanted to pretend that he never saw it but he could not.  He is determined to find out.  He confides to his closest colleague at the agency about the discovery… a person whom he treats to be more than just a friend asking, “If it was true that it was a propaganda, why did they do it?”

He walks in the next morning, and his office has been emptied.  His things are in boxes and without explanation, he was led out of the office.  Was it because of his discovery?  Was it a trap?

This could have been the story of Michael Weston, on USA Network’s Burn Notice, but it isn’t.  Yes, he works for the CIA, and yes, he was fired.  But why?   Was it something that he knows that the world cannot know?  Was it a set up?

To find out the real story why Michael Weston was fired from the CIA,  go to and find out the real story of Michael’s termination.  Starting June 28th Michael Weston, a CIA Operative on USA Network’s new TV series, Burn Notice, will experience the dreaded firing.

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