Did I just die and gone to heaven?

Oh my GGGOODDD! You will never guess what just happened. I was veiwing my referrals on my sitemeter and I kept wondering why a lot of them are coming from Bryan Boy’s site..

As you may have known, he is one of the people that inspired me to start blogging. He is known worldwide for his ‘highly-smart’ blog that captures audiences from Australia to Germany, USA to Norway!

Well, I checked a link that showed up in my sitemeter stats and when I followed it, I was led to an entry from Bryanboy about Ruffa Gutierrez and he mentions what other ‘BLOGGERS HAS TO SAY’ – – one of them (the first one mind you!) is a link to my site! I thought I died! Imagine a celeb blog such as his referring my blog!! OMG – OMFG!!!! Pop the freakin champagne and let’s celebrate!!!

Take a look! I am the first ‘here’! Visit the site and check it out here.


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