What could be a giveaway for my 1000th post? Any Ideas?

I have been thinking about this for a month now. I have been blog hopping and found out that other bloggers provide give aways when they hit a certain milestone. The milestone could be the blog’s first year anniversary, the 1000th post, or whatever. I cannot think of one to give away that would be practical yet, elegant. I cannot give away a Louis Vuitton bag no?

There are lots of business promotional products over the net. There are trinkets and magnets, mouse pads and electronic devices but I cannot decide. Maybe, I could just do it ‘in kind’? He-he!!

Anyway, I am fast approaching my 1000th post, my 1st year anniversary will not be until this coming August although I really didn’t start blogging heavily until early this year. Should I postpone it till next year?

Come on peeps – help me out here. Please leave your mark and make your suggestions. Who knows? I might even give away something to the one who can offer the best suggestion. Let me know!

This is a sponsored post.

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