Waddaya know? PPP has bitten me!

I got a frantic call from Diwa one night:

Diwa: Chuva, I just joined Pay Per Post. It’s an opportunity to make money! Why don’t you join?

Chuva: Oh yeah? You know me, when it comes to making money I’m there. What’s the catch?

Diwa: No catch! Just blog about the subjects they offer and you get paid for it. Sometimes, you only need to write 50 words about a product!

Chuva: Is that right? Okay, let me sign up. [Website response: You are already a registered user! &*(#$$%^] Diwa! It tells me that I have a login already. I don’t even remember. I think I signed up under Reyna Elena. Oh my – I’m logged in!!

Diwa: See – look at the opportunities and pick whatever you want. It ranges between 5.00 USD to 300.00 USD per post but you have to have a high page rank (3 or more) to get the 300.00 USD ones.

Chuva: Okay, I’ll pick one and write about it.

Three days later:

Ring ring!! [Chuva calling Diwa]

Chuva: Hey Diwa, my post was approved!

Diwa: Me too!!

Chuva: Let me pick a few more opportunities. Wow, there’s one for 15.00 USD. I got it!

Diwa: See, that was fairly easy right?!

A month and half later.

Diwa’s blog entry about her PPP standing. AMAZING! Isn’t it time to join?

Here’s mine – total of 35 posts, 26 approved: – Amount: $340.83


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