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My buddy Wilson, a guy who owns a semi-famous restaurant here in Philadelphia is someone that I used to hang out with. He is successful, care-free and a lot of fun to be with. I remember a time during one winter night, he invited me and a few buddies to have a drink at his home and have a dip in his outdoor hot spa. I have never done a hot tub dip in the middle of winter, with snow on the ground and freezing temperatures so I thought I’d give it a try.

Once there, we had a few drinks. He was bragging about how hot his hot tub remains all year round and that going in would be refreshing specially on a cold winter’s night such as that night. It was a dare so we got into our trunks and decided to take a dip. It was the most exhilarating experience ever. Just imagine, snow on the ground and you are half-naked out in the cold with a beer on your hand and having fun with friends? Pretty cool huh?

We got to talking about how old his hot tub is because it seems fairly new. He said that it’s been around for over seven years right after he had his pool built. The secret is the protective cover that he bought right after the tub was installed. Hot Tub Covers protects the tub and the cover is made to withstand harsh climates and that it helps with energy costs by keeping the heat in. It comes with a 4 layer arctic heat hinge seal that preserves the heat inside the tub which in turn saves your energy costs. The cover is also made out of foam that allows rain, snow or ice runoff without any damage to the tub. And it if you have kids, the cover is built in with 4 lockable child safety straps for security as well. To top it off, it has a warranty of five years after it is installed. How can you go wrong with that.

His hot tub was definitely protected to be enjoyed for years to come. It has been quite a while so I better give him a call in preparation for this winter. I really had a great time and if you own an outdoor hot tub, protect your investment by installing Hot Tub Covers. It’s the best in the industry. Protect your hot tub now!



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  1. Thanks for the tips! I just bought a new affordable hot tub cover I was able to design myself, and so far my energy bill has stayed nice and low!

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