Of Babies and Showers…

I always enjoyed baby showers with baby shower themes. Just to know that it is in preparation to welcome a life into the world makes it worthy enough but imagine all those cute little gifts that come with it. There are lots of themes available these days but Winnie the Pooh is definitely my favorite. For one thing, the story is one that I read over and over again when I was a child. I have also watched the cartoons version of it over a million times!!

Most of the baby showers I’ve attended recently were of which the baby’s gender was known. The organizers would either ask the parents if they have started a theme for the baby’s room or something to that effect. It could be a princess theme for a girl or a Winnie the Pooh’s playful theme for either a boy or a girl. It adds to the uniqueness of it all. Baby Shower themes have become popular and it usually displayed by use of tableware, decorations and party supplies. I know that Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower theme is popular as I’ve attended many a baby shower with this theme. It’s cute and it’s amazing because at times, the parent’s have prepared all things including bedroom wallpaper, lamps and crib to the same theme.

I am the youngest of ten siblings. You could just imagine how many baby showers I have been to just for my family alone. I have 27 nephews and nieces, and several of them have had children as well. Gosh I’m getting old!! I do enjoy it and if I can only have a baby shower of my own – – I am definitely choosing the Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower theme.

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