Unfair way to fight. Is blog-hacking the way to go?


There are a few blogs that I visit regularly. These sites keep me entertained and some of them even challenges my thinking or inspire me to do things greater than what I would normally do.

The recent exchange of fellow pinoy bloggers regarding the Desperate Housewives issue have gotten out of hand. There were mud slingings, disparaging comments name calling to say the least. Unfortunately, a couple of bloggers that I admire got caught up in the mess and somehow, the words have turned to be painful and others have resorted to technical means to fight their battles.

One of my favorite blogs, On The Wings of My Dreams was hacked this afternoon. His site cannot be accessed anymore and since my blogger friend is going through his review for his upcoming NCLEX exam, he has no time to devote to fix it at this time. I felt really bad and wondered how people could resort to hacking just to get back at him. Is this the new way to wage war against bloggers whom you don’t agree with? Resorting to this kind of battle is really cowardice in my opinion. Did they feel that they couldn’t back up their stance that hacking would be the only way to fight back?

The next thing I know the other blogger that I regularly visit, Reyna Elena came down as well. Was her blog hacked as well? I wasn’t sure but this is becoming ridiculous. To say that we are all Pinoys and should band together for similar causes – we are experiencing the exact opposite.

Let us not get in the way of unity. Opinions are opinions and a blogger has a right to voice their opinion, whether the viewers agree with his post or not. Comments are definitely welcome but we should sometimes agree to disagree. In doing so, we become better individuals with open minds and a greater amount of wisdom.

I really hope that these sites weren’t hacked but if they were, I hope that the people that did it can find it in their hearts to let the issue rest. I know both of them and they are  really good people.  There is no need to fight back this way.  Tayo tayo lang kabayan ang magdadamayan, sana magkaunawaan tayo. I really just want to voice my opinion because these are dear friends of mine and I know how hard they work to get their blogs in the state that they’re in. That’s all.

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