Headline: Manila Socialite Scandal! Tessa Dragon Snorting Cocaine!

This is UBER Chika to the MAXIMUM level!! I received an email today regarding Tessa Dragon, socialite and daughter of Congressman Renato Dragon of Cavite entitled “Manila Socialite Scandal! Tessa Dragon Snorting Cocaine!”

Personally, I don’t know her or Congressman Renato Dragon – – this could just be a publicity stunt so she could gain some media attention or – – this could be the work of a bitter friend who used to snort coke with Tessa but is no longer getting any.  You be the judge.

I’m sure the media will swarm on this news like flies on ***t when it gets out. Do you want to see the picture???

Does anyone know her? I hear she’s huge in highfalutin circles in the Philippines. Personally, I could care less.

See Tessa Dragon as she snorts using a key – SNORT SNORT SNORT!!

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