Chuva Chienes received an email from Malacanang Palace? For what?

This is an Uber Chika to the Maximum Level!! What would you do if you received an email from a source none other than…. Malacanang Palace? Yes sireeeeeee my dearest. I didn’t know that I received an email from them because the email went to my junk folder until today when I was cleaning my mail up.

Is this for real? Did they really contact me? What would Malacanang Palace have to do with my blog? Hmmmm… I am uncertain of the email’s authenticity although when I visited the Malacanang Palace website, the email domain did match The Office of the Secretary.

The email is a bit disturbing as it was requesting for my personal email for correspondence. What do they have to talk to me about?! I am just a blogger doing my own thing for fun and for my fellow kabayans. Do you think I should respond? Do they browse gossip blogs at the Palace at the expense of the Filipino taxpayers? Hmmm… Can you tell me if this is true?

If this is for real, why don’t they just comment on the site. Is this a scare tactic? Chuva Chienes – does it again!! Front page news.

See the screen shot of the email I received last February 26th


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