Enough about DJ Montano – It’s not the Gucci Gang, it’s the Butse Gang.

Hahaha!! I read somewhere that scandals only lasts for 13 days. Opo, labing tatlong araw lang – tapos, people start to get weary of it so they let go and forget about it. As long as you can ride the tide, you will be fine. I think that is such sound advice.

Kung meron mang DJ Montano and the Gucci Gang Scandal , may Chuva Chienes and the ‘Butse’ (another dessert delicacy from Central Visayas Region VII where the sweet potato of kamote is boiled and mashed, fromed into balls and stuffed with grated cassava inside then fried – the U.S. version includes rolling the boll in toasted sesame seeds) Gang Scandal din. Bakit Butse? Eh ang tataba ng Butse gang no?! Parang mga bolang pinagulong sa asukal! Kulang na lang keso – ensaymada na!! Ang mga elite ng Philadelphia ay nagwawala rin and if you start to reveal their true nature, magkakagulo rin ang buong blogosphere! Just imagine the catfights that happen between these socialites. Mga pasaway din sila. At hindi lang yon. It was confirmed that the Butse Gang is fond of boylets daw kaya nga nag-a-away away.  Alam na alam ng mga bloggers yan na related sa site na ‘to.  Lalo na ang mga celebrity bloggers.

That’s why the following pictures reveal the not-so-socialite-worthy activities of the ‘Butse’ Gang. You want scandal? You got scandal. This is one of the very first time you will see these pictures. They even have pictures together with the Governor or Pennsylvania, Mr. Ed Rendell. But behind closed doors, you will see that they are not so prim and proper after all. A word of caution: This is for adult audiences – over 18 only. Do not jump if you’re underage. Hanapin ninyo si Chuva Chienes sa pictures!

View the ‘Butse’ Gang’s scandalous pictures after the JUMP.


Boylets after boylets ang habol ng Butse Gang.


Di ba, obvious na obvious na mahilig sa boylets!!!


Here’s a picture of the ‘Butse Gang’ together with Gov. Ed Rendell of PA. Socialites chorva!


Heto ang mga activities behind closed doors. Nagbabayad!!!




They even hire entertainers for their party. Mga pretensiyosa!!

So there! Tapos na ang DJ Montano scandal. 13 days lang daw ang scandal kaya humanda na kayo sa Butse Gang Scandal!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!! Sabi nga ni Bryanboy, “Enough about them. Let’s talk about me. I’m the star!” Hahahahah!!



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