A new gay-themed indie Film – Hugot

Indie films from the Philippines have surprised me in most recent months. We have multi-awarded film “Kubrador” starring Ms. Gina Pareno and other little Indie films that have gone mainstream. This is great news for the Philippine Film Industry as a whole and I hope that they continue to flourish. Digital media production is up as well and it’s refreshing to see many gay-themed films being produced. A new one is called “Hugot”. The film will be shown at U.P. Diliman on April 23rd. This may have the same success as “DayBreak” starring Coco Martin.

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HUGOT Synopsis

Episode 1: “Raymond”

When Raymond’s youngest sibling, an out-of-school youth, fell victim to a hit-and-run, the obligation to collect money for the hospitalization was left to Raymond. One night, Raymond and his best friend Nolan scoured the entire city to find a victim. They are cell phone snatchers.

The transsexual Dorina, fresh from her victory as Miss Gay and P8, 000 richer, would be their prey. However, not only robbery would be committed as the partners in crime would accidentally kill the veteran gay beauty contestant.

What destiny awaits the two friends? Raymond’s critical sibling? Will justice be meted out for the slain gay?

Who is the true victim?

Episode 2: “Anton”

Anton’s nightly dreams are evocative: the rice field clothesline where burning garments are hanging, the ash of which gets into his eyes.

What do his dreams mean? How are these related to his present anguish and solitude? Will these inspire Anton into finishing his poem-in-progress, the poem for the beloved who left him or whom he left?

Episode 3: “Bimbo”

While youth activists Edward and Bimbo are heading home from a rally, the latter falls to the ground unconscious due to hunger and exhaustion. A middle-aged man helps Edward haul Bimbo’s body. Because the stranger’s apartment is nearby, he offers his place for the two to rest in before going home.

When he comes to, Bimbo learns from his friend Edward that they are in an unfamiliar place—the house of Leandro, the stranger.

Leandro prepares food for the young men as Melody, Leandro’s best friend, a funny liberated woman, visits the latter’s pad.

They both convinces the boys to spend the night through. The friends agree. They cannot decline the drink offered by Leandro. They become tipsy and their conversation meanders from politics, activism, gay rights and…sex.

Who is Leandro and what motive does he harbor over the teenagers?

See showtimes and watch the trailer after the JUMP

Watch “HUGOT”
A Digital Queer Film
Starring Ms. Ana Capri

Grand Premiere Showing
@ the U.P Film Center, Diliman, Q.C
7 pm
April 23, 2008 (Wednesday)

Produced by Wilbert Ting Tolentino
Written and Directed by Jonison Fontanos

Jerome Ebreo
Christopher Canizares
Cris Castillo
and Alvin Espinosa

For Tickets, call or text
0918-4697443, 0918-4697391

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