I miss the left coast!! Terribly…

I mentioned before that I don’t usually stay in one place for more than five years.I have lived in New York, Maryland, Los Angeles, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.The longest I’ve stayed is where I am now where I have stayed for almost 10 years. Funny how life throws a curb ball at you sometimes but this has been a fun ride.

Today was a beautiful day here on the East Coast.  Nice breeze, sunny and just absolutely gorgeous! It reminded me of my days when I livedin Torrance, CA. I was very close to the beach cities such as Redondo, Newport, etc. Since I didn’t have much friends while I lived there (not sure why that was!), I usually go to the beach on Sundays, rent cruiser bikes and off I go.  I had the greatest time! There are also lots of pubs in and around these beach cities, so at times I would just park my rented beach cruiser bicycle and have a beer or two. That was the most relaxing thing I could do on a Sunday. Well, for a state where it only rains one week a year – – you gotta find something to do so as not to waste the beautiful weather right? I did exactly that.

Beach cruisers are simple bicycles usually with just one speed. These bikes are not for racing. They are for fun and leisure riding. They are also not expensive so you don’t have to be afraid to leave them in front of the pub when getting a refreshment.

So today, it reminded me of the lazy days I had while I was there. Living in California was great – I just hoped I made more friends out there. If I did, I would probably still be there right now. Hmmm – – maybe I still could?

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