I may be looking for another web host.

I am not having any luck with my hosting service right now. My site keeps going down due to high CPU. I believe it has happened to other bloggers whom I know have experienced the same thing and the only suggestion for resolution is to increase bandwidth for a bit extra amount per month. I did a search on cheap web hosting services and I found a site that ranked web hosting services that are surprising even. My web host is listed there too but ranked lower than other web hosting sites that charge less and you must note that the were hosting packages ranked by the best value/price. Host reliability, uptime, key features, bonus features, customer support, past and current user feedbacks, user-friendliness and hosting awards have been taken into account as well.

It’s really helpful to know these things because whenever my blog goes down, every single blog that I have hosted under my main domain goes down as well and it simply means loss of revenue for me. If it is down more than twenty four hours, I could be losing a significant amount of revenue from advertisers and so forth. This is unacceptable if you’re working very hard to keep up content on your blogs but cannot access it during downtime.

You can visit the site and get a rating of the best web hosting services by price, reliability, uptime, key features and customer support. They also provide you with perks such as Yahoo Credits, Google credits that you can use on top of the features that they offer. If you compare these services, you can tell that even though they have the same rating of 5 stars of 97% percentile, the price may vary as well. So, why would you pay more for a web hosting when they rate the same as compared to other web hosting services that are cheaper? Am I making sense here?

I will continue to monitor how my hosting service responds to my needs and if they don’t meet it, I will have to move over.


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