How’s your online reputation?


I was reading Money Magazine last night and came across an article about online reputation. User-generated content has changed all that. With rumors, gossip and “alleged news” about anyone, your online reputation could be as damaging as any according to the article.

More than likely, prospective employers can Google your name online and find out all that’s written by and/or about you. What do you write? What do people write about you? This is most important for those people seeking employment according to the write-up. An example was this female employee who had a short love affair with her married boss. She blogged about the whole experience online and eventually got her boss in trouble and ruined his career.

What about you? Have you Googled yourself online yet? I have and boy, it is amazing what people out there could write about you. Unless you’re Madonna or Paris Hilton – I think it would be best that you don’t get yourself involved in matters you don’t want your future employer to know. Interesting huh?

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