Next month… Chuva will be in Italy…time to reminisce…

As I confirmed in my previous post, my boss wanted me to meet with technical folks in Italy next month to complete one of our KPIs for this year… Global Integration. It has been a great experience for me while I stayed in Germany last June and this time, I’m going to a part of Italy I’ve never been before. MILANO.

Two years ago, my ex-boyfriend and I traveled to Rome and Florence. Approximately, seven years before that, I traveled with one of my good friends, Joey – to Rome and Munich. The last time we went to Rome, our travel agent booked us at a place that is so close to all the main attractions there like the Vatican, the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, St. Peter’s Basilica and the ruins. It couldn’t have been any closer as we walked everywhere while we were there. Rome hotels are abundant around the historical area if you do your research properly. Booking with major hotels there will take you out of the city proper and it is such a hassle traveling in and out of the area.

We were in Rome for five days and it was the best time I’ve ever had with my ex. During evenings, we would pick a local restaurant outside the hotel (there are plenty of them) and order ourselves a bottle of “house wine” together with our dinner, be it pizza or a local dish that they are serving. After dinner, my ex would map out our trip the next day in a manner I could not have done on my own. He managed to map it out where we could visit several places in one swoop and always end up in our hotel at sunset. And if you can believe this – no fights during the whole time we were there.

This time it’s Milan. I have never been to Milan and I’m quite excited to spend a week there. My Czech colleague will be there as well to help me out with this integration. Remember during my trip to Germany? Yup, he’s the cute one! I heard that he just got married two weeks ago though. Shucks! Hehe! I’ll take lots of pics and share it with you all.

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