Should I have Custom T-Shirts made for this purpose?

I heard that Chris Brown took a job around Beverly HIlls with his T-Shirt that says, “Obama or Die”. Hmmm. Seems interesting to show support wearing custom t-shirts like that. But hey, whatever works right? You’ve all heard about “Rock the Vote” with those custom made shirts as well right? It works like that.

I am still a little bit bitter about Hillary’s loss to Barrack Obama but she delivered the speech that convinced me that I should support Barrack. It’s not that I don’t believe he can do the job, it’s because I have been a supporter of Hillary Clinton from the get-go. What do you guys think? Should I even get T-Shirts done? Hmmm.. I found this online store where I could get 25% off if I buy customs T-shirts. You can too! I have a coupon code that you can use. Just login to and enter the coupon code TShirts25, to get 25% Off T-shirts.

Whether you are for Hillary or for Barrack, we all have to unite for this cause. We cannot afford another Bush in the White House. I have been pretty quiet of late and have not blogged about politics at all. I had to wait till I can fully accept the fact that my candidate is not the candidate for the presidency. Since she has shown full support for Barrack – I am willing to do so as well. Come on peeps! Let’s Rock that VOTE!

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