I’m sure everyone remembers Christian the Lion video on Youtube…


Yes. You may have gotten it through email, a link or it may have been shown to you by a friend, a colleague or even your children. It’s the Youtube Video Sensation called Christian the Lion. A cub, purchased by a couple of guys (John Rendall and Ace Bourke) at Harrod’s department store in 1969 because the cub was encaged in a cage that they thought was too small for the cub. The cub was only 35 lbs at the time and in a year, the cub had grown to 185 lbs. They decided to take the cub to Africa and release him to the wild. The video was about the reunion a year later.

I thought the whole world had seen the video, but apparently not. It was featured on Oprah today and many still haven’t seen the video.
After the JUMP, you will meet the two guys, John and Ace as they are today (well, July last year really).

If you’re an animal lover, and would like to donate to the foundation for saving endangered species – they give out the name of the foundation at the end of the video.

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